AI-Powered Inspections

Our software manages your robot fleet so you can automatically collect and analyze inspection data

powerful inspection software

Automatically collect rich equipment data.

Get insights and alerts about real-time facility conditions.

Take the busywork out of inspections and reporting.


Our inspection software solution

Autonomous Missions

Run periodic inspections on a schedule or with one click.

advanced analysis

Use AI to spot defects, identify risks, and highlight trends over time.

Remote Operation

Maneuver robot with remote control and live video feedback. Control the camera and save the footage for later review.

Smart Alerts

Receive notifications when readings are out of range.

Fleet Management

Deploy and manage wheeled robots, quadrupeds, and even drones.

Reporting & integration

View and customize inspection reports, and integrate with asset management system.

Get Started quickly



Operate robot through facility to create a map.



Mark objects to inspect.



Schedule automatic missions. Operate by remote control at any time.

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