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Autonomous sensing and analysis for large-scale indoor and outdoor facilities.

Industrial Inspection

Automate inspection tasks, monitor equipment, and analyze trends over time.

Security & Monitoring

Gain Full awareness, automated detection and rapid response for any facility.

Outdoor Intelligence

Rich sensing and data collection with eyes in the sky and wheels on the ground.

AI-Powered inspections

Our software manages your robot fleet so you can automatically collect and analyze inspection data.

robotic platforms

Our hardware-independent platform deploys and controls mixed fleets of ground and aerial robots for autonomous data collection.

Ground Robots

Wheeled, tracked, and quadrupedal robots offer several advantages when used for autonomous inspection and security duties. These advantages make them suitable for a wide range of applications in various environments. Click here to learn more about the advantages of utilizing these machines.

Aerial Vehicles

Using drones for inspection, monitoring, and detection offers several significant benefits across various industries and applications. Click here to learn about the duties that our drones can perform for your organization.

Robotic Insights

A compilation of recent news and our insights on the world of robotics