Fremont Robotics Joins WTIA Founders Cohort

September 19, 2023

Fremont Robotics has received an exclusive invitation to participate in the WTIA Founder Cohort program, an initiative designed to provide invaluable support to startups during critical phases of their growth journey. This program is specifically tailored to assist emerging companies in navigating essential aspects such as fundraising, corporate governance, and customer development.

Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle serves as the epicenter for some of the globe's most pioneering technology enterprises. The region's dynamic tech ecosystem, rich with innovation, makes it an ideal backdrop for startups like Fremont Robotics, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking, collaboration, and industry insights.

The Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) is a comprehensive consortium that encompasses a not-for-profit member trade association, a not-for-profit tech apprenticeship intermediary, and a for-profit corporation providing business services. WTIA's overarching mission revolves around fostering a robust and equitable technology sector that empowers thriving communities. They actively seek out technology companies and allies who recognize diversity as a competitive advantage, consider collaboration crucial for sustainable growth, and are dedicated to partnering with and supporting the communities in which they operate. WTIA forges coalitions with the aim of creating programs to assist employers in developing, recruiting, and retaining diverse tech talent, delivering high-value and affordable financial services to SMB companies, advocating for public policies that align with their mission, and establishing forums that facilitate effective collaboration between industry, education, and government stakeholders.

About Fremont Robotics:

We are a team of innovation-minded and solution-focused people excited to help our customers advance their goals through intelligent automation solutions. We know the only way to help our customers is to think “ahead-of-the-curve” and bring new ideas, new solutions, and new experiences to life daily. Showing our customers what is possible is the first step in making our customers more successful.

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